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The main focus of this web site is documenting my travels around the world.
Traveling is an obsession with me. I am constantly planning my next trip.
In my fifty plus years on this Earth I have had the pleasure to visit all
fifty states and all seven continents. I will probably die broke and
penniless but I will have seen the world before doing so.

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Back in January I returned from a five week trip to the Middle East and Asia.
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Last winter I took a Caribbean cruise.

In the summer of 2014 I took a road journey.
Click the banner below for my western adventure.

I spent five weeks in Europe in the late summer of 2013.
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I spent three weeks in India and Nepal in February of 2013.
That's me below at the Taj Mahal.

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I took a transatlantic cruise from London in November of 2012.
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I took a short trip to Chicago in September of 2012.
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I took a short trip to Ontario, Canada in June of 2012.
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In April of 2012 I spent three great weeks in Dubai & Africa.
The picture below was taken in Botswana.
Me in Botswana
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I spent six weeks in Europe during the summer of 2011. It was an amazing trip
beginning in Paris and then continuing on to Budapest, Vienna, Prague and
Berlin. Next up was an 11-day Baltic cruise. After a couple days in
Copenhagen I spent the last 12 days of the trip in Switzerland.
Click HERE to see how I spent my summer vacation.

In December of 2010 I took a cruise down the coast of Mexico and Central America.
After one night in Panama City we made a complete transit of the Panama Canal.
On my way back north on the other side of the canal I stopped in Colombia and Aruba.
I spent 3 days in Florida after the cruise and then spent Christmas in New York City.
All the pictures and videos are up, click HERE to take a look.

During the first two weeks of June in 2010 I took a road trip through
Utah, Arizona and Colorado. Not nearly as exotic of a trip as I have
become used to in the past few years, but I had a blast none the less.
Click HERE to take a look at my western Adventure.

I returned from a trip around the world in November of 2009.
The complete trip with 75 videos and nearly 500 pictures is posted.
Click HERE to begin the journey.

Back in March of 2009 I returned from South America and Antarctica.
For complete details with videos and pictures click HERE.

Back in September of 2008 I returned from a fantastic five week trip through Europe.
Click HERE for all the details of that trip.

In June 2007 I spent two weeks in my favorite vacation spot, Alaska.
Click HERE to go north to Alaska!

On Christmas Eve 2006 I left on a five week trip to Australia & New Zealand.
Click HERE for the trip down under!


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