The Second Hundred Years

September 6, 1967 - September 19, 1968
ABC Situation Comedy - 26 Episodes


Luke Carpenter:   Monte Markham
Ken Carpenter:   Monte Markham
Edwin Carpenter:   Arthur O'Connell
Mr. Tolliver, Ken's Employer:   Don Beddoe
Marcia Garroway:   Karen Black
Lt. Anderson:   Bridget Hanley
Col. Garroway:   Frank Maxwell
Erica, Ken's Girlfriend:   Kay Reynolds

While prospecting for gold in Alaska in 1900, Luke
Carpenter, thirty-three years of age, was buried and
frozen alive when caught in an avalanche. Sixty-seven
years later, Luke's Son, Edwin Carpenter, sixty-seven
years of age, widower and retired businessman, is
informed of a recent avalanche in Alaska and of a
find--his father, alive. Luke was brought to the home
of his now aging son in Woodland Oaks, California.
Chronologically Luke was 101, but he hadn't aged
while in deep freeze and was physically still
33--younger than his own son.

In fact, he was younger in spirit, at least, than his 33-
year-old grandson Ken, who was his exact look-alike. Ken
was stuffy and conservative, while Luke was ebullient,
full of fun, and a rugged individualist.

The comedy centered both on the contrast between them and
on Luke's problems in adapting to the modern world, while
his origin was kept a military secret. Colonel Garroway,
an army doctor, was assigned to look after him. The first
thing Luke had seen on awakening in Edwin's home was a
1967 TV set with what appeared to be little people aiming
guns at him. He applied his simple, individualistic ways
to the problems of the 2oth century with some success,
though he never could get used to a modern job.

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The Second Hundred Years
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The Second Hundred Years

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