January 14, 1972 - September 2, 1977
NBC Situation Comedy - 135 Episodes


Fred Sanford:   Redd Foxx
Lamont Sanford:   Demond Wilson
Aunt Esther Anderson:   LaWanda Page
Julio Fuentes:   Gregory Sierra
Bubba Hoover:   Don Bexley
Grady Wilson:   Whitman Mayo
Officer "Smitty" Smith:   Hal Williams
Officer "Hoppy" Hopkins:   Howard Platt
Rollo Larson:   Nathaniel Taylor
Donna Harris:   Lynn Hamilton

9114 South Central, Los Angeles, California, the
residence and business of Fred Sanford and his son
Lamont. Fred was a 65-year-old junk dealer whose
34-year-old son, Lamont, was his partner, a situation
that Lamont was not always happy with. At his advanced
age, Fred was very happy with his little business and
the marginal income it provided him. Lamont, on the
other hand, was looking to better himself by getting
out of the junk business and trying something more
challenging and, hopefully, more lucrative. Fred,
whose wife, Elizabeth, had died some years before,
would do anything to keep his son from deserting him
and the business. Every time Lamont threatened to
leave, Fred would fake a heart attack and start
moaning, "I'm coming, Elizabeth, I'm coming." Lamont
wasn't really fooled by his father's machinations
but he did love him and, despite what he said about
his future, really wouldn't have left the old man.
Sanford and Son was based on the successful British
TV comedy, Steptoe and Son. Fred had a steady
girlfriend in Nurse Donna Harris, whom he was always
promising to marry, and was constantly at odds with
Aunt Esther, his late wife's sister.

In 1977 NBC's highly succssful comedy Sanford and
Son lost both of its stars, Redd Foxx to a variety series
on ABC, and Demond Wilson due to salary demands.
With most of the supporting actors around, however, The
Sanford Arms took its place. The attempt to salvage
the series was a total failure and it lasted less
than a month. The Redd Foxx variety series didn't
fair much better, lasting only four months. In 1980
Redd Foxx revived the saga of the cantankerous junk
dealer, in a series called Sanford. Fred was still
running the watts junkyard, but since Lamont was
away working on the Alaskan pipeline, he had two
new partners, both friends of Lamont. Rollo was a
holdover from the original series, and Cal was an
obese white Southerner who invested $2000 to become
part owner of "The Sanford Empire." Fred also had
an unlikely new girlfriend in Eve Lewis, a wealthy
Beverly Hills widow. Sanford passed quickly from
view after three short runs on NBC.

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