October 3, 1952 - March 26, 1966
ABC Situation Comedy - 435 Episodes

Ozzie Nelson:   Himself
Harriet Hilliard Nelson:   Herself
Ricky Nelson:   Himself
David Nelson:   Himself
Kris Nelson, Ricky's wife:   Kristin Harmon Nelson
June Nelson, Dave's wife:   June Blair Nelson
Mr. Thornberry, a neighbor:   Don DeFore
Joe Randolph, Ozzie's friend:   Lyle Talbot
Clara Randolph, Joe's wife:   Mary Jane Croft
Darby, a friend:   Parley Baer
Doc Williams, a friend:   Frank Cady
Wally, Dave & Ricky's friend:   Skip Young
Ginger, Wally's girlfriend:   Charlene Salerno
Melinda, a friend:   Diane Sayer
Sally, Kris's friend:   Kathy Davies
Miss Edwards, Dave's secretary:   Constance Harper
Dean Hopkins:   Ivan Bonar
Mr. Baxter, Ozzie's friend:   Frank Cady
Herb Dunkel, Ozzie's friend:   Joseph Kearns
Don Kelley, Dobson's partner:   Joe Flynn
Ralph Dobson, Dave's employer:   Francis DeSales

The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet was the real-life
Nelson family on the air, with all the little adventures
that an active middle-class American family might have,
and two young boys growing up before their parents' and
the television audience's eyes. The Nelsons lived in
Hillsdale at 822 Sycamore Road. On TV Ozzie had no
defined source of income, and always seemed
to be hanging around the house.

In the early episodes the stories revolved mainly around
the four Nelsons, with only a few friends and neighbors,
most notably Thorny Thornberry, who regularly offered
Ozzie bits of ill-timed advice. Later, as the boys began
to date, a succession of girlfriends began to appear.
In time both David and Ricky were married, and both
real-life wives (June and Kris) appeared on the show.


Photos courtesy of MPTV.net.

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