September 29, 1960 - April 13, 1972
ABC & CBS Situation Comedy - 380 Episodes


Steve Douglas:   Fred MacMurray
Michael Francis "Bub" O'Casey:   William Frawley
Mike Douglas:   Tim Considine
Robbie Douglas:   Don Grady
Chip Douglas:   Stanley Livingston
Uncle Charley O'Casey:   William Demarest
Ernie Thompson Douglas:   Barry Livingston
Mr. Henry Pearson:   Robert P. Lieb
Mrs. Florence Pearson:   Florence MacMichael
Jean Pearson:   Cynthia Pepper
Mr. Pfeiffer:   Olan Soule
Huey 'Sudsy' Pfeiffer:   Ricky Allen
Hank Ferguson:   Peter Brooks
Mrs. Pfeiffer:   Olive Dunbar
Mrs. Morrison:   Doris Singleton
Dave Welch:   John Howard
Sally Ann Morrison Douglas:   Meredith MacRae
Katie Miller Douglas:   Tina Cole
Barbara Harper Douglas:   Beverly Garland
Dodie Harper Douglas:   Dawn Lyn
Polly Williams Douglas:   Ronne Troup
Tom Williams:   Norman Alden
Terri Dowling:   Anne Francis
Margaret Williams:   Doris Singleton
Robbie Douglas II:   Daniel Todd
Steve Douglas, Jr.:   Joseph Todd
Charley Douglas:   Michael Todd
Tramp, the Douglas family dog:   Unknown

The town of Bryant Park. The trials and tribulations
of the Douglas family: Steve, widower, aeronautical
engineer; his sons Mike, Robbie, and Chip; their
grandfather, Michael Francis O'Casey, "Bub"; and
Tramp, the family dog.

1965: Charlie O'Casey, a retired sailor, replaces Bub.
Mike, the elder son, marries Sally Ann Morrison.
Leaving the family nest, they move east where Mike
acquires a job as a psychology instructor. Shortly
after, Chip, the youngest, befriends an orphaned
boy, Ernie Thompson, whom Steve later adopts.

1967: Transferred to North Hollywood, Steve and the
family relocate. Attending college, Robbie, the
middle child, meets, falls in love with, and marries
Kathleen Miller; later, they are the parents of triplets:
Steve Douglas, Jr., Charley Douglas, and Robbie Douglas II.

1970: Attending high school, Ernie encounters
difficulty with a new teacher, Barbara Harper,
widow, and mother of a young daughter, Dodie.
Attempting to resolve the difficulty, Steve meets,
falls in love with, and marries Barbara. Shortly
after, Chip, who is attending college, meets, falls
in love with and marries Polly Williams, a coed.

1972: Arriving from Scotland, seeking a first lady,
Laird (Lord) Fergus McBain Douglas betrothes Terri
Dowling, a cocktail waitress working at the Blue
Berry Bowling Alley as Lady Douglas.

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