September 12, 1972 - April 22, 1978
CBS Situation Comedy - 141 Episodes


Maude Findlay:   Beatrice Arthur
Walter Findlay:   Bill Macy
Carol Trener:   Adrienne Barbeau
Philip Trener:   Brian Morrison
  Kraig Metzinger
Arthur Harmon:   Conrad Bain
Vivian Harmon:   Rue McClanahan
Florida Evans:   Esther Rolle
Mrs. Naugatuck:   Hermione Baddeley
Chris, Carol's fiance:   Fred Grandy
Henry Evans:   John Amos
Bert Beasley:   J. Pat O'Malley
Victoria Butterfield:   Marlene Warfield
Sam, bartender:   Jan Arvan
Fred, bartender:   Fred Zuckert

Maude was the first spin-off from producer Norman Lear's
enormously successful comedy, All In The Family. Edith
Bunker's cousin Maude was upper-middle-class, liberal, and
extremely outspoken. Maude lived in suburban Tuckahoe,
New York, with her fourth husband, Walter, owner of
Findlay's Appliances. Living with them was Carol, Maude's
divorced daughter, and Carol's 9-year-old son, Phillip.

Even though much of the series centered on Maude's determination
to represent the independent, even dominant, woman, she herself
always had a female servant in the house. In fact, during the
course of the series she ran through three of them. Maude's
first maid was Florida, a bright witty black woman who left in
early 1974 to star in her own program, Good Times. Florida
was succeeded by a cynical, hard-drinking Englishwoman,
Mrs. Naugatuck. After marrying Bert Beasley in 1976
she was replaced by Victoria Butterfield.

The Findlays' next-door neighbor, and Walter's best
friend, was Dr. Arthur Harmon. When the series began
Arthur was a widower, but he subsequently began dating
Maude's best friend, Vivian, and in 1974 they married.

Although this was a comedy show, the subject matter
was often on the serious side. During the run, Maude
became involved in politics, had a face lift, had an
abortion, and went through menopause. Walter went
through a severe bout with alcoholism, saw his store
go bankrupt, and had a nervous breakdown. Maude
could be very funny, but in efforts to be realistic, it
could also be controversial and sometimes depressing.

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