September 11, 1974 - March 21, 1983
NBC Drama - 183 Episodes


Charles Ingalls:   Michael Landon
Caroline Ingalls:   Karen Grassle
Laura Ingalls Wilder:   Melissa Gilbert
Mary Ingalls Kendall:   Melissa Sue Anderson
Carrie Ingalls:   Lindsay Greenbush
  Sidney Greenbush
Lars Hanson:   Karl Swenson
Nels Oleson:   Richard Bull
Harriet Oleson:   Katherine MacGregor
Nellie Oleson Dalton:   Alison Arngrim
Willie Oleson:   Jonathan Gilbert
Dr. Baker:   Kevin Hagen
Rev. Robert Alden:   Dabbs Greer
Isaiah Edwards:   Victor French
Jonathan Garvey:   Merlin Olsen
Andy Garvey:   Patrick Laborteaux
Alice Garvey:   Hersha Parady
Eva Beadle Simms:   Charlotte Stewart
Albert Ingalls:   Matthew Laborteaux
Adam Kendall:   Linwood Boomer
Grace Ingalls:   Wendi Turnbaugh
  Brenda Turnbaugh
Hester Sue Terhune:   Ketty Lester
Almanzo Wildre:   Dean Butler
Eliza Jane Wilder:   Lucy Lee Flippin
James Cooper Ingalls:   Jason Bateman
Cassandra Cooper Ingalls:   Missy Francis
Nancy Oleson:   Allison Balson
Grace Snider-Edwards:   Bonnie Bartlett
John, Jr.:   Radames Pera
Alica Sanderson-Edwards:   Kyle Richards
Andrew 'Andy' Garvey:   Patrick Labyorteaux
Percival Dalton:   Steve Tracy
Jenny Wilder:   Shannen Doherty
John Carter:   Stan Ivar
Sarah Carter:   Pamela Roylance
Mrs. Melinda Foster:   Ruth Foster
Jeb Carter:   Lindsay Kennedy
Jason Carter:   David Friedman
Etta Plum:   Leslie Landon
Boy:   Bryce Berg
Susan Goodspeeed-Sue:   Michelle Downey
Mr. Anderson:   Sam Edwards
Sandy Kennedy:   Robert Hoffman
Hans Dorfler:   Jim Jeter
Matthew Rogers:   Jonathan Hall Kovacs
2nd Stage Driver:   Jack Lilley
Townsman:   Richard Lilley
Townsman:   Rod McGaughy
Carl Sanderson/Edwards:   Brian Part
Christy Kennedy:   Tracie Savage
Rose Wilder:   Jennifer Steffin
  Michelle Steffin
Thomas:   Vince Tortell
Jason:   D. White
Thomas:   Ivan Wideman

The time was the late 1870s, and the locale was the American
West, but Little House on the Prairie was not a western in the usual
sense. There were no cowboys, Indians, or cow town saloons
in this version of frontier life--it was more like The Waltons in
a different setting, the story of a loving family in trying times.

Charles Ingalls was a homesteader struggling to make a living
for his family on a small farm near the town of Walnut Grove,
Plum Creek, Minnesota. The Ingalls had moved from the great
plains of Kansas to Walnut Grove in search of a future in a
young and growing community. With Charles was his wife,
Caroline, and their three daughters, teenagers
Mary and Laura, and little Carrie.

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