October 15, 1952 - March 23, 1955
NBC Situation Comedy - 100 Episodes


Joan Stevens:   Joan Davis
Judge Bradley Stevens:   Jim Backus
Charlie, their neighbor:   Hal Smith
Mabel, his wife:   Geraldine Carr
Janet Tobin:   Sheila Bromley
Kerwin Tobin:   Dan Tobin
Mildred Webster:   Sandra Gould
Beverly Grossman:   Beverly Wills
Helen, Joan's friend:   Mary Jane Croft
Minerva Parker:   Hope Emerson
Wally:   Wally Brown
Sally:   Sally Payne

Opening Song:
"I Married Joan, what a girl, what a whirl, what a life.
Oh, I Married Joan, what a mind, love is blind, what a wife . . ."

Bradley Stevens served as a judge in domestic court. Each
episode opened with Judge Stevens on the bench. In the course
of trying to resolve the problems of those who came before him,
he would explain to them how he dealt with a similar type
problem with his own beloved but slightly wacky wife, Joan.
As he started to tell the story, the courtroom scene would
fade into his home and the situation would be enacted.

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