June 15, 1969 - 1993
CBS & Syndicated Variety series


Roy Clark
Buck Owens

Cathy Baker (1969-1991)
Jennifer Bishop (1969-1971)
Archie Campbell (1969-1987)
Jim Hager (1969-1986)
Jon Hager (1969-1986)
Gunilla Hutton (1969-1991)
Louis M. "Grandpa" Jones (1969-1992)
Jackie "Hambone" Phelps (1969-1986)
Don Rich (1969-1975)
Jimmy Riddle (1969-1983)
Jeannine Riley (1969-1971)
Alvin "Junior" Samples (1969-1984)
Diana Scott (1969-1970)
Lulu Roman (1969-1992)
David "Stringbean" Akeman (1969-1974)
Gordie Tapp (1969-1992)
Mary Taylor (1969-1970)
Sheb Wooley (1969)
The Buckaroos (1969-1986)
The Hee Haw Band (1969-1992)
The Nashville Edition (1969-1991)
Donald Harron (1969-? as Charlie Farquharson)
Minnie Pearl (1970-1991)
Lisa "Sunshine" Todd (1970-1986)
Barbi Benton (1971-1976)
Sherry Miles (1971-1972)
Ray Sanders (1971-1972)
Harry Cole (1972-1976)
George Lindsey (1972-1992)
Ann Randall (1972-1973)
Marianne Gordon Rogers (1972-1991)
Misty Rowe (1972-1991)
Gailard Sartain (1972-1992)
Roni Stoneman Hemrick (1973-1991)
Kenny Price (1974-1988)
John Henry Faulk (1975-1982)
Buck Trent (1975-1982)
Billy Baker (1975-? as Elwood Smooch)
Charlie McCoy (1976-1992)
Linda Thompson (1977-1992)
Mackenzie Colt (1978-1982)
Rev. Grady Nutt (1979-1983)
Roy Acuff (1980-1985)
Victoria Hallman (1980-1990)
Rodney Lay (1980-1987)
The Wild West & Fanci (1980-1989)
Diana Goodman (1981-1985)
Slim Pickens (1981-1983)
Chase Randolph (1981-1982)
Nancy Taylor (1981-1982)
Jonathan Winters (1983-1984)
Kelly Billingsley (1984-1987)
Irlene Mandrell (1984-1992)
Jeff Smith (1984-1991)
Jackie Waddell (1984-1987)
Patricia McKinnon (1985-1986)
Dub Taylor (1985-1991)
Mike Snyder (1987-1991)
Vicki Bird (1989-1991)
Terry Sanders (1989-1991)
Bruce Williams and Terry Ree (1989-1991)
Phil Campbell (1990-1992)

Hee Haw was country music's answer to Rowan & Martin's
Laugh-In. Blackouts, nutty running gags, cameos, and some
of the worst "corny" one-liners imaginable, appropriately
delivered from a cornfield. An animated donkey was
used to react to the humor, and to provide the
"hee haw" of the title.


Where oh where are you tonight?
Why did you leave me here all alone?
I searched the world over and I thought I'd found true love.
But you met another and PTHHP! you was gone.

You took out your false teeth, your wig and your glasses.
You were just scattered all over the place.
I wanted to kiss you and hug you so tightly.
I guess that I would have if I'd found your face.

I went to your house at three in the morning.
You had all them curlers and junk in your hair.
You would not have scared me and I'd not have run so,
If you had not looked like you'd wrestled a bear.

I told you my darlin' you looked like a gopher.
Made you so mad, you haven't spoke since.
But tell me my darling if you ain't got buck teeth.
How do you eat apples through a picket fence?

When I picked you up for our date last weekend.
You looked so pretty in your satin and lace.
But when I bent over and started to kiss you,
you popped a pimple all over my face!

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