September 14, 1985 - May 9, 1992
NBC Situation Comedy - 180 Episodes

Dorothy Zbornak:   Bea Arthur
Rose Nylund:   Betty White
Blanche Devereaux:   Rue McClanahan
Sophia Petrillo:   Estelle Getty
Stanley Zbornak:   Herb Edelman
Miles Webber:   Harold Gould
Uncle Angelo:   Bill Dana
Salvadore Petrillo:   Sid Melton

This all-time favorite comedy series focused on four women
spending their golden years in Miami, who share their house,
their stories and a whole lot of cheesecake.

This series centered on four mature single women living
together in Miami, Florida. Dorothy was the outspoken
divorcee, a substitute teacher whose strong personality
often seemed to overpower her housemates. Rose was a
flaky, naive, soft-spoken widow given to hilarious
misinterpretations of almost everything that was said
in her presence. She worked, believe it or not, as a
grief counselor. Blanche, who owned the house, was also
a widow, but of a different stripe. She was lusty,
man-hungry, and dripping with charm, a Southern bell
that never aged, at least in her own mind. All in their
50s and 60s, the three were joined by Dorothy's elderly
mother Sophia, who moved in when her retirement home,
Shady Pines, burned to the ground. Sophia had the
saltiest mouth in the house. She had had a stroke, it
was said, that destroyed the "tact" cells in her brain.

After Bea Arthur left the series, Rose, Blanche, and
Sophia pooled their money and purchased a small Art Deco
hotel in the trendy South Bay section of Miami Beach.
The new series entitled The Golden Palace lasted
for one season on CBS.

Betty White was a hit on radio before
making her way to television.
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