Car 54 Where Are You?

September 17, 1961 - September 8, 1963
NBC Situation Comedy - 60 Episodes


Gunther Toody:   Joe E. Ross
Francis Muldoon:   Fred Gwynne
Captain Martin Block:   Paul Reed
Lucille Toody:   Beatrice Pons
Patrolman Leo Schnauzer:   Al Lewis
Sylvia Schnauzer:   Charlotte Rae
Patrolman Ed Nicholson:   Hank Garrett
Desk Sgt. Sol Abrams:   Nathaniel Frey
Officer Rodrequez:   Jack Healy
Officer O'Hara:   Albert Henderson
Officer Anderson:   Nipsey Russell
Officer Steinmetz:   Joe Warren
Officer Wallace:   Fred O'Neal
Officer Murdock:   Shelley Burton
Officer Nelson:   Jim Gormley
Officer Reilly:   Duke Farley
Officer Kissel:   Bruce Kirby
Officer Antonnucci:   Jerome Guardino
Mrs. Bronson, troublemaker:   Molly Picon
Mother Muldoon:   Ruth Masters
Peggy Muldoon, sister:   Helen Parker
Al:   Carl Ballantine
Rose:   Martha Greenhouse
Bonnie Kalsheim:   Alice Ghostley
Mrs. Block:   Patricia Bright
Charlie, the drunk:   Larry Storch

Officers Toody and Muldoon were among the most unlikely
patrol-car partners ever seen on a police force. Toody was
short, stocky, friendly, and just a bit nosy, a marked contrast
to the tall, quiet Muldoon. Although they were assigned to
New York's 53rd precinct--a run down area in the Bronx not
generally considered a hotbed of hilarity--they always
seemed to encounter more comedy than crime.

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Car 54 Where Are You?
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Car 54 Where Are You?

Car 54 Where Are You?
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